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Latest Comments for 712-889

July 30 1:05 am
dont know this number- i did not answer.

June 20 6:43 am
Im getting regular calls from this number, and others. My fiances mother had me do some thing on my phone to stop telemarketers from calling a mobile line. Id never had them call before. Now that Ive done this, Im getting calls from strange numbers on a daily basis. Thanks, ma-in-law! -_-

June 20 4:42 pm
Hi! I was actually a caller for MiBlood... I thought I would look up what people say about the calls because I was curious! We call only people who have donated with us or at least attempted/registered to donate with us in the past. When you registered at the time of donation, you wrote down a phone number for them to call you back. They call to let you know when you are eligible again, when there are drives/promotions, or when the blood supply is low (which is almost always). They do work from 9am to 8:15PM, so if there are times you prefer them not to call, tell them and they can change your preferences. I know first hand that these calls can seriously annoy some people, but I assure you they are harmless and I worked with good people there! If you dont find the calls helpful, my advice is; answer the phone (or call back) and simply let them know. They will take you off the list or switch you to emails or just change the frequency of when you get called. When you do not answer, the software we use just puts the number back in line to have them call you back. Some people rely on the calls to remind them to donate, and others just hang up on you, but honestly when we were understaffed in callers, there are blood shortages, so it really is necessary. Hope that info helps!

June 20 10:59 pm
That is exactly what I started doing. Believe me the calls will stop!

June 20 8:23 am
Same here, I don't understand what it is. They call every day.

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