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September 10 5:05 pm
I sometimes answer the unwanted phone call with a Turkish language . and the caller asks do you speak English and I continue with a phony language until they hang up. but this 000# I received via voice mail today, next time I will answer promptly by saying Police Department, Detective Baddley speaking, how may I help you?

September 10 3:06 pm
Some companies check the do not call list for numbers they can then phone - one called told me they got my number from the do not call list. Any company can access it to see if they are allowed to call you.

September 10 10:49 pm
I missed the call, so I called back, I said I just had a missed call from this #. He said maybe you misdailed, I said I just hit the redial.... he said that was funny they had the someone call yesterday and say the same thing. I said what is your first name? maybe i know you? He said, I can't give you my first name, good luck on finding the guy, good luck on finding "him".....What???? I wasn't looking for anybody..... I said I am not looking for anybody, just answering a ring......what was he thinking?....he thought i was trying to pick him up??? What a LOOOOOSER!!!!!

September 10 7:35 pm

September 10 3:00 pm
Got a call from it on my office phone... says he's from Smith Barney wanting to know if I'm interested in some retirement planning information.

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