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Latest Comments for 713-488

2016-06-20 04:01:56
I just got a call from this number, didnt answer...any idea who it is?

2016-06-20 09:45:25
I keep getting harrassing messages from this person. I don\'t know him he claims his name is "Will" He leave obscene msgs about causing sexual harm and then rants with obscenities. He had the wrong number and has continued this for 3 weeks. I have tried to reason with the person, be nice and be mean. NOthing works. I threatened to call the cops, and it makes it worse. I\'ve ignored him for 10 days and he keeps sending msgs. He even calls and leaves voicemail. Please watch out for this number. What can really be done?

2016-06-20 02:49:29
Another note here from a would be victim of Card Processing Services. They called me today, were very rude to our receptionist, misrepresented themselves to me and were generally liars. Avoid these guys like the plague.

2016-06-20 18:49:40
Ive been getting them to, the jerk told me he will keep calling me. He said i will call you, call you, call you!. I report the number to the FTC everytime they call now. I told them i report them last time they called and now im waiting to see if they call again.

2016-06-20 09:25:25
I have my number with the do not call list and they still call!

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