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Latest Comments for 714-225

January 10 2:02 am
Two calls in two days asking for address verification. Said its something business related. Complete BS.

January 25 6:45 pm

January 13 2:07 pm
I called this number yesterday and got the real channing tatum. then i called it back and his friend kept answering.then i tried it today but got a guy named rob,i think thier on to me that i was a nobody and found the number out

January 8 3:50 am
My aunt used to do that using a police whistle, which of course works best with a live ear on the other end.

January 27 9:33 pm
We buy junk cars add ....

January 9 3:14 am
They thought I was a creep cuz they txted me and I didn't know who it even was.

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