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Latest Comments for 714-650

2016-06-20 14:23:48
201-200-5701 Caller ID says New Jersey

2016-06-20 23:02:20
Got a call from these rectums at 3:30am,,,,who are these rectums?

2016-06-20 05:18:17
scammers apparently still in business. I think Kevs philosophy is good advice.

2016-06-20 00:38:24
I keep getting these stupid messages and they need to stop

2016-06-20 12:28:51
I have been on the do not call list for years and I receive over 20 calls a week from odd numbers like this one and 800 and 866 numbers. When I went on the DNC list it said I am good for 5 years. It isnt working for me.

2016-06-20 01:41:51
Hope you checked the validity before you paid it. They are notorious for buying old or out of stature debts to collect on. They also buy debts that have already been paid. Also, they cant get a judgement on out of stature debts.

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