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Latest Comments for 714-896

December 4 7:31 pm
The F U button is the button that makes the air horn pointed right at the mouthpiece of the phone while its on speaker go off, right?

December 4 5:33 am
Used car buyer. Nobody buys car in 30 mins. He and his wife are pushing and attacking!

December 4 2:17 pm
Easy Finance, This is a scam from New York, they ask for money to be wired to them promising a loan. After you send then they ask for more, and so on. I threatened to call IRS and the government and the stop responding, after telling me to fly to India to receive the loan because I refused to send more money.

December 4 3:09 am
They said that I had won an iPad and that they needed my address to know where to ship it to. However, I would also have to log onto a scam. May horrible things happen to them.

December 4 4:27 pm
my phone is "disconnected "

December 4 3:12 am
The exact same thing happened to my grandmother. She had a vm from a female who kept saying hello, hello, hello.  She had an accent and we thought it was family because we have relatives in Clanton.  However, I can confirm that there is absolutely nothing there but peaches.

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