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January 21 5:44 am
They called me posing as Government Healthcare agents -saying they can get a lower quote, asked me birth dates, Income etc which of course certainly looks like a spam, and you answer treating it like one. When they suspected I may not be cooperating in giving the right info, they hang up.

January 28 12:43 am
Our number is also on the do not call list and I get at least 5 a day. The do not call list does not work unless you are willing to follow through.

January 27 3:53 am
I just got a text (no signature) asking me "Hi is this (my name) number?

January 8 4:27 am
Seriously called at least 10 times today and it's not even 5:30pm yet...they don't put u on the do not call annoying!!!!

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