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Latest Comments for 717-438

2016-05-23 19:25:52
Got a call on my business line stating that I won a licoln navigator from a contest i recently entered.  Chad from the Appliance Distrubtion Center calling for the contest named \"Grand Sweepstakes Giveaway.\"

2016-05-23 14:14:22
My husband & I both rec\'d txt msg from this #, saying our PIN was locked at a bank I don\'t even use.  I called the # provided & it is automated or computer generated asking for acct info.  I called the local bank, & was told it was fraudulent.  I would like to know how they got my cell #.

2016-05-23 01:39:46
Just got SMS SPAM from this *****. "John Helms" registered 04.03.2012 at Go Daddy. Notified Go Daddy abuse department as well as my carrier\'s abuse/spam department to get this ***** shut down ASAP.

2016-05-23 09:31:45
I got a call at 11 pm from this number - indian accented woman - claiming to be from cyber security nearly hysterical telling me my computer was being hacked and traced and i need to go turn it on! I laughed and said I dont think so and hung up.She knew my name - that was the creepy part and that someone might believe this bull-crap.

2016-05-23 05:50:55
This number is cops they trying to get whatever number or any information that number. Like example if were a gang member and have drug dealing business and u get caught. They will use that phone service have there start calling whoever number inside your phone. Once call person they can get load of your information and hidden picture messaging and anything that has what inside specially when have a smartphone by answering your phone so it best not to answer call like those.

2016-05-23 12:09:11
i just want everybody to know that this safeline alert crap is a big fat scam! why? well i worked for them, they paid good, and i quit within the first three days! Not only do they LIE and STEAL money from poor seniors, but theyre also big pieces of [***] to work with. whatever you do, DONT EVER EVER EVER sign up for this bogus system. its fake! it doesnt exist! i promise you that! after figuring out and doing more research about it i found out that it is a big scam. i felt so bad for the poor old people i was talking to everyday trying to talk their money with this horrible scam. after figuring out what was going on i immediately quit that job! i really wish and hope that the law can shut down these scams and stop making these poor seniors pay for nothing every month. whenever they do call you guys again please curse them out for me and ask them how it feels to sleep at night knowing theyre stealing money from people! EVERYONE PLEASE DONT EVER SIGN UP TO THIS BOGUS CRAP WITHOUT KNOWING FOR SURE THAT IT IS REAL! ALSO NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR INFORMATION ONLINE, AND ESPECIALLY OVER THE PHONE OR TO ANY COMPANY YOUVE NEVER HEARD OF!! PLEASE! :) HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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