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July 19 2:35 am
The callback number is spoofed. If you dont understand the term spoofed, Google it. The spam callers can put any number they wish into their computers to appear as the point of origin of the call. IT IS NOT! They could just as easily put in the White House number to appear on the CID. Would you think it was Barack calling? Dummy! Wise up and understand that high tech spammers are out there. Youve been duped by at least this one. Learn from your mistake.

July 19 1:46 am
When I mentioned the previous call the guy hung up in my face.

July 19 7:21 pm
This number just called my office. I answered the phone with thank you for calling ________, this is _____, how can I help you and they asked for the lady of the house. Really? U didnt just hear my saying? Ok then well there is no lady of the house as this is a business. She said something that I couldnt understand and hung up. I called the number back to get the number removed and the msg says life giving moments and you can google it. Have no idea what it is though.

July 19 11:39 pm
Spam, calling repeatedly. Annoying!!!!

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