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January 19 10:11 am
Called my mobile; did not leave a message.

January 9 4:10 pm
Yes, Definitely Scam !! I got a call on Dec 23 at my moms and my x- laws threatening they are going to serve me papers at my employment or at my residence!! Crazy people they need to get Caught!! I did get scared called them back and made arrangements with them but after thinking about it and telling my friend she mentioned to it may be a Scam!! What do you know she was right! I googled the number and then and got to see all these other posts from others. So I did go to the bank the following day and made changes to My Account!! We well see who get Served! So if you hey any Calls from this number Dont Answer or Call the Police! Happy New Year!

January 24 6:00 am
This is a little follow up to provide the correction of one number and direct notes from the list Don, shared earlier.NOTE: ** 877-772-2253 - ** THIS IS THE NEFARIOUS TIME WARNER FRAUD CALLER PESTS **Verification Link,.. CORRECTION - THE PREVIOUS - ** 877-777- 2253 ** IS NOT TO BE ON THE FRAUD CALLERS LIST.NOTE DIRECT PATTERNS OF TIME WARNER PRACTICES800-377-7789 - This documented Time Warner Cable dis-services fraud billing number has been blunted - MORPHED 800 & 888 NUMBERS:800-265-1756 - 888-265-1756 - _800-860-9701 - This noted Time Warner Cable dis-services fraud billing number has been derailed - 877-864-6344 - NOTE: These Time Warner Cable Dis-services numbers. Were collectively recorded and documented in direct pattern, history, trait, timelines and days. That were within the sudden barrages of ALL those other maliciously deceptive VOIP, Spoofed and Not in service fraud calls. Thats been nonsensically launched by others deceptively alleging no association. *ALSO ADD THE NEWLY REPORTED FRAUD CALLER NUMBERS OF:517-902-0003 - 756-807-6509 - IF THEY THOUGHT WE WERE ALL GOING TO JUST SIT AROUND AND NEVER CATCH ON AND CONTINUE TO TAKE THEIR MESS THEY WERE,.. WRONG !!!Note to Don - Thanks for your taking the time out of your day to compile the numbers in numerical order for ease of noting. As well as sharing what you, I and the others have been researching, reviewing, discovering and documenting.To now extensively share with all the others thats also attempted to be tricked, defrauded, harassed, annoyed and disrespected by such a pilfering network of predatory jackals.People can, should & will Enjoy Better once we recognize and avoid who the WORST is !!!

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