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January 19 9:26 am
txt me pls and maybe i will send a naughtyPic i just took lolMessage Details:Type: Multimedia MessageFrom:

January 25 2:24 pm
This number called me, I did answer even though I knew I didnt know anyone in WA state as caller id indicated.They claimed to be from Card Services- and I have paid cc on time for the last 12 months- which is true- they said I was eligible to lower my interest rate to 6%. I asked which company they were calling about- they said they did both Visa and MC- which is not what I asked- and he said to look on the back of my cc to verify the name.He was reading from a script. I was asking questions, and asked him not to read- he said hed been doing this for 7 years and didnt need a script. I said, well, slow down and lets talk.I asked - do you have my cc information? He said no, I just came up in a data base, then he said since I seemed interested he would have to pass me on to a specialist, and handed the phone off...when the new lady came on I asked why I was being transfer and why I couldnt talk to the guy. She said he was new. I said, well, he said hed been doing this for 7 years, the lady said, well, good by mame, and hung up on me.

January 22 8:55 am
I have a DIGITONE call blocker. I now have peace & quiet in my house & I do not use 4 letter words anymore.

January 1 8:26 pm
Folks, do not answer these calls. Verison says its a scam and the caller gets money when you answer the call. Theyre also doing it with 800, 866, 855 numbers.

January 10 12:43 am
i dont want this number to call anymore.

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