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June 27 12:07 am
I ordered gogo pillow toothey wanted my card # also told them it was in car with my wife. they said they would wait as long as I need to find my billing statement with card #. over and over.Finally hung up on them. So far no call back

June 27 8:34 am
Yes we did get a call. The caller identified themselves as an employee of WB Mason and has called 3 times leaving a different number each time. They are looking to recruit sales reps from competing companies and if the call is not taken they leave what appears to be a fake number.

June 27 2:03 am
Spammer asking if you need health insurance - does not give out company name

June 27 2:57 pm
ripped off by dt&f, snakes in the grass who can't find an honest job

June 27 2:07 am
Here is the contact page for Natural Way Lawn. 248.239.4017 falls within their bank of numbers.

June 27 12:22 am
How to block the number of annoying callers?

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