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Latest Comments for 727-223

July 26 9:42 am
Well I just got a call and checked here, saw telemarketers/scam/etc.They left me a voice mail, it was a call from support from something I had ordered and emailed asking a question about yesterday.I guess they use skype for Voip calls, in my case it was a legit call.

July 26 7:52 am
Recd call from this number - looked it up and see that it is from this Correct Solutions - whatever, I dont know anybody in Louisiana and have no idea why my cell phone number would be called by this place? Will be blocking this number on my phone. IDIOTS! only thing recorded was pressing this number for this and that number for that, etc.

July 26 12:38 am
See that fancy ringer volume button on your phone? It has a purpose...

July 26 8:33 am
I called from another phone got busy signal. I then call from my cell and did not have any option. Help who callilng

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