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Latest Comments for 727-487

January 28 3:00 am
Received a call at 8:05 PST.. no one spoke, from unknown name, Miami.SPAM!

January 19 2:19 pm / If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together. text me 7012044053sky are blue lets party babeSent from I-Phone

January 25 5:18 pm
Happen to me too. I just hung up and called bestbuy geek squad to see if they heard about them. They said I did the right thing and not follow their insturctions.

January 21 11:34 am
Computer message stating, "This is a service verification."

January 15 12:50 pm
Called regarding my credit card. Said if I did not want my interest rates to go up press 2.  I couldn't hear clearly if they mentioned which credit card, but after pressing 2 it said your credit card has now been ??? I couldn't make out the rest of the messege.

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