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January 11 9:53 am
It doesnt work! Ive been on it for several years and I have filed complaints about telemarketers. I have more calls now than before Do Not Call started. I think maybe THEY give out our numbers to keep them busy at their jobs, which are paid for with our taxpayer money.

January 11 11:23 pm
I got that same csll yesterday.

January 11 4:10 am
i'm getting tired of Susan and and whomever is calling my phone! prank calls are hard to do now a days! we can search who is doing this! so stop your stupidness

January 11 4:19 am
Same message... ill regular activity against your account... blah blah I'm a lying creditor of some sort blah blah if you are stupid enough to call us back we will threaten you and your life.
Screw them I blocked the number!

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