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Latest Comments for 727-534

August 15 11:57 pm
You are wrong! All of my phones have been on the site since it began and I renew them every 5 years as required. The only ones that do comply are real telemarketers. The ones that call are the scam pros. I dont answer and I win every single time. If they are not on my contact list on the phone they dont get a response. Lovin Life without scum bothering us.

August 15 4:45 am
the DO NOT CALL list doesnt help. It was created to establish more govt office space for campaign friends of the politicians.Thanx for the fear mongering inaccurate information!

August 15 1:18 pm
person didn't say anything. Just heard rap music playing in what sounded like a car.

August 15 4:32 pm
craigslist scammer. Not available for pickup. uses paypal, but will have someone else pick it up.

August 15 1:55 am
I'll bet it was one of those electricity provider illegal telemarketers.  I really hate those people.

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