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Latest Comments for 727-534

January 11 12:40 pm
I received a call from this number and I answered and it was Walmart Pharmacy saying my prescription was ready. Now I am receiving the calls again and its not them anymore. Im wondering if its a new thing for blocked numbers

January 11 7:33 am
I got a text wanting me to setup a PayPal account so they could buy something from me. Weve had several text back and forth asking details about my furniture. I text and said to call me and they text back and said why? I then text and said you SCAM!! RESPOND TO THAT... And of course no response. BEWARE !

January 11 12:21 am
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January 11 10:47 am
I am getting more than my share of calls from these numbers I would like them to stop. Were is this number from any thoughts?

January 11 3:44 pm
Don't answer any 310- 241 numbers that you dont know. They are calling me from all different kinds of numbers and it is wearing my nerves. Dont call back either, they will just hang up on you!!

January 11 4:59 pm
Trying to speak to Miss X or her legal representative (though it's a man's name they referenced but clearly don't have the right info). Regarding case BAF-20041. If we do not hear back from you regarding this case, case BAF=20041 will become a candidate for formal voluntary, involuntary, processing.

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