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January 24 9:22 am
A man called me and told me to stop putting snow-removal adds in "his" neighborhood. The neighborhood obviously doesn't belong to him, but I tried to be accommodating by asking him what his address was so I could be sure to avoid it in the future. He would not give me his address. He told me "get out of the Avenues" (that's the name of this part of town - where I live too, by the way) and he threatened me "or else I'll bust your head". At this point I decided to make a report with the police, but the man would not give me his name. I called back to see if an answering service gave his name. A message played saying "Chad cannot come to the phone...."

January 5 7:36 am
Call is an attempt at computer fraud and a scam.

January 6 6:40 am
These turds just keep calling and calling.. How on earth can we get them to stop?

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