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September 21 11:16 pm
Some mumbling foriegn guy (i didnt recognise his accent) called me about some kind of medical bill for my dad he would not give any info on what the supposed bill was or from when but the thing that made me realise it was not legit was the fact that he did not know that my dad passed away almost two years ago he then asked who had power of attorney he did not know that my mom is still alive i told him it sounded like a scam he assured me it was not i called him a liar and told him to stop trying to scam people he then apollogised and hung up maybe he will figure out that Americans are not as stupid as most countries believe we are

September 21 12:23 pm
I was getting calls from a women with awkwardly horrible broken English. She asked me when I was going to interview people to sell my home.When I mentioned I had received a loan modification approval, I believe she tried to ask me where are you moving next and how soon do you have to be there? I told her Im not moving what part of Ioan modification approval do you NOT understand and then hung up on her. Unbelievably, the phone proceeded to ring three more times inside two min with the same caller ID. MY REAL ESTATE

September 21 11:07 pm

September 21 12:50 pm
In July I received calls two times from a man named Jon trying to deliver a summons. Of course the number was 000-000-0. I have received two calls from a woman named Olivia Watson.she was also trying to serve a summons. Her last call said due to her not being able to deliver the summons, it would be considered a failure to appear in court. They leave an 855-393-3793 number at the end of call. They also said they would need my boss to sign off .

September 21 10:12 am
210-244-2899 kept calling and hanging up. it is very annoying.......

September 21 11:58 pm
Just got a call from them that stated "we are calling to discuss your loan modification on your first morgage"  When we asked how they where related to our mortgage company about 4 times she finaly said "We are not related to your mortgage company we just wanted to discuss your loan modification with us"  We promptly hung up.

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