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Latest Comments for 732-398

June 27 2:42 am
ut oh! I have just been canceling all this crap from the ACAI thing. I havent even received the product. Is there a website where I can follow up and make sure I have canceled everything? thanks!

June 27 2:49 pm
I know! Its sad isnt it...that these bottom feeders get their call list FROM the very list that is supposed to stop calls like these! Its like welcome to the do not call list...prepare to receive MORE calls now. Ugh.

June 27 9:26 pm
This guy at this number is a rapist and robber!!!! Creapy and stalking through text messages!!! he is wanted!!! Call the police if he calls or text your number because he is wanted!!!!!

June 27 3:32 am
It is Salam University I have told them I am in college and have also asked for them not to call

June 27 8:39 pm
This is Tara, she's a crazy stocker girl

June 27 7:36 pm
For the past few months, I've gotten several phone calls from this number stating the same thing.

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