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January 18 4:44 am
A telephone call at 4:18 am is disturbing. First response its an emergency. Calls for whatever reason shouldnt be executed without a message. Too much is happening in our country and the last thing people want is to worry about are calls that are making them uneasy. With previous calling history this has been going on for almost a year should be investigated.

January 14 6:49 pm
Thats not exactly so... All my familys phones (land lines and cell phones) are registered with the state and national no-call registries... My husband is still getting calls from these people...

January 27 7:59 am
Asked for my wife... When I asked to take a message the "gentleman" said that he just wanted to thank my wife for her support.  Verbal SPAM!!

January 17 8:32 pm
I keep getting calls from this company, though from a number of different numbers. It's from Fresno, CA. As soon as I answer, after a few second pause, a Cruise Ships HORN sounds. From previous calls of this nature I've found it's an automated call from a travel agency. I just hang up. I created a new Contact in my phone named DO NOT ANSWER and as I keep getting this type of call, I add the number to that contact so I know the next time to hang up on them or let it go to voice mail. I don't believe they ever actually LEAVE a VM so it's safe to send it there.

January 10 5:05 pm
Received a call from this number.  I answered, but it sounded like the line was dead.

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