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Latest Comments for 757-208

January 18 12:23 pm
Another thing was the email was wierd.

January 24 4:39 am
Had a few calls from this number and decided to answer today. The person on the phone said that they are responding to charges being filed against me, and want a lawyers number that they can contact. First, if there was anything being leveled against me, I would be getting served papers. I would be contact by a law enforcement agency, or something similar. When I pressured the person on the line for what these allegations were, and that this call was incredibly suspicious, they hang up immediately.I tried calling back, gave them my info, and the line went dead for 5-7 minutes. No one ever came back.

January 1 8:35 pm
Called and left a blank 1 second voice mail

January 7 7:34 pm
You're a moron.  It's MasterCard's transaction services calling to verify fraudulent appearing charges on your account.  Once they've gone over the questionable charges, they transfer you straight to Security Service so a new card can be issued if it's determined that the charges were indeed fraudulent.  You should be thankful that they're so watchful of potentially fraudulent charges.  They've caught thousands of dollars worth of charges on my account.

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