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Latest Comments for 757-821

December 24 11:50 am
started getting calls 3 days ago 5 and 6 a day we have centurylink, I leave it to answering machine 1st time asked for my hubby by name and kept saying hello, now nothing. It is very annoying

December 24 1:00 am
Suspect spam just an answer machine(disgust)

December 24 3:26 pm
Ok here we go with those **** Hang ups! On 7/27/09, like last week at about 1PM CT, we get an ILLINOIS CALL from 312-638-0963 &, as usual, it's a hang up! I keep trying to find out here they are, but they NEVER leave a message! Can't ANYBODY find out????

December 24 7:42 am
I got a call from them and I did not even know about it since I do not make a habit out of answering calls I do not recognize.  Anyway I called them back and actually went to the initial interview which was rather odd since on the way there I totally blew past the building in Farmingdale NY.  Once I figured out the correct building it was completely dark inside and there was barely even a company sign.  Eventually I saw a paper sign in the window (just leaning against the window) and that was how I figured out they were an Insurance Company.  I was a bit early so I waited out in the car so that I was not just showing up early.  I finally decided to go inside and the door was still locked at five minutes prior to the interview.  I have to say that was a bit odd especially since I was not even 100% sure I had the right building since it looked like a vacant warehouse.  Once inside things just moved very quickly from initial so called interview to the sales pitch which lasted for 30 minutes or longer.  I listened with full attention trying to be open minded and then when it was over went up and shook hands and said thanks and then left.  Meanwhile before leaving in the back of my mind I thought that I heard one of the guys mention that they would be calling 3 people back by 8 or 9 pm that evening and to circle the best number to contact you at if you were to be called.  Needless to say they called me (I am sure everyone in that room received a call that evening) and I was rather surprised at how fast they made their decision to offer the position to me.  This was the strangest interview I have ever attended in my entire life.  Now I was still on board until after getting the call that evening and speaking with one of the guys that was there that morning.  The thing that pushed me over was his insistence on me checking out the web sites that they gave us while delivering the sales pitch.  Why are they so insistent on us checking out these web pages?  Long story short, I did check them out but decided to check out some of the other stuff that appeared too.  I had said I will be there for the third interview and after seeing all of this  I will be far away from that place with my money securely in my bank and not theirs.   Not Born Yesterday.

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