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Latest Comments for 760-490

July 19 12:48 am
It is a scam I have paid 830.00 to this address when I finally decided to call to see if I was paid in full. I am not sure who I have been paying but when I call the number is disc also my email came back. I feel like a fool never again. My debt supposely was only 680 but I didnt take the time to check it out.

July 19 4:34 am
I got that call about 3 minutes ago. Im with Sprint.

July 19 5:10 am
Craigslist posting company.

July 19 5:30 am
Said nothing..they jus held the phone and this was a long distant call.

July 19 5:16 am
They initially(10/28/11) asked "who is dis?", then said found number on a post it note, then asked if are a girl or a boy. We asked "who r u?", and they responded "u tell me" x 2. On 10/29/11 "Who are you?" x 1, then "who are you" yesterday x 3. All of the calls are between 5:30PM - 7:30 PM.

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