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January 22 11:32 am
they called this morning first time Ive ever gotten this number. he asked for me said she was not home can Itake a message. and he said rudely this is a cell phone and this is u. why are u lying.scared the beekeepers out of me.

January 22 6:31 am
The posters claiming this is a legit number are credit card scammers, and their posts should be traced and eliminated, so that innocent people dont get scammed, I called chase and they notified me that it is not their fraud division. Furthermore I called the number back and they ask you right away to enter your credit card account number, I didnt I entered 0 for an operator, no response, so I hit ### and it said pls wait while we connectyou and they tell you it may be monitored to sound legit, once the so called representative gets on I asked him where he was located and what his name was, he responded and told me his name was coy. I asked if he had a employee number or an Id# that I could verify who he was, he said he could not give out that information, I said of course you cant because your not Chase no response, Iasked if he could verify where the charge was made he said he could not give out that information once again I said because your not Chase, so I then asked to speak to a manager he stutters and said um there arent available, I explicitly told him to never call text or bother me and to remove my number, with some extra vulgarity

January 11 11:23 pm
You dont have to use google or a cell phone to get a call from this number. It is a generic phone number that is assigned to people using google mail to make free phone calls to.

January 2 11:31 am
They just call me and said I owe them money but I dont know who is it they cal every day

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