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Latest Comments for 760-556

January 16 6:41 pm
Why would they call? No number, no message. They maybe thieves calling to see if your home! I got three calls from them. I am trying to block 000-000-0 to see if it works. Everyone else try it to. Maybe this will work for the hundreds of people using 000-000-0.

January 26 7:05 pm
This number called 13 times just today. How do I make them stop?

January 7 3:05 am
I got a call from this flipping AUTOMATED service trying to get me to press 1 to be connected to someone to handle my YAZ birth control claim. telemarketers now calling me at work? Can I sue them for harassment and have them fined $25,000? I called the number back and it reported it was an autiomated UNSUBSCRIBE service. I never subscribed in the first place!!! How the hell do I get ahold of a real person so I can rip them a new asshole and then call my attorney? The FED should make it legal for the average consumer to hunt down and shoot telemarketers for sport upon the 3rd unwanted call.

January 7 4:01 pm
I Don't know Who is it but this is an-internet line it's not a regular phone line

January 21 9:31 pm
Got the same thing, I don't want to reply with "Stop" because I'm afraid it could mean that I'm subscribing to them. Any ideas?

January 6 9:51 am
This is a political campaign recorded message.

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