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Latest Comments for 760-791

January 26 7:03 pm
it is transfirst, a credit card processor(merchant account)

January 19 2:45 pm
This is the third received from this Los Angeles number in three days. I have not answered any of these calls. I wil not answer any, and believe the idiots in La La Land might be better employed- bing employed!

January 7 12:39 am
caller wanted donation for police.Told him no and not to cal back,hung up phone.He called right back and was very rude .When i told him not to ever call my number he said he would if he wanted to I told him to get the hell off my phone and he said he would put me in handcuffs if i didnt shut up.I said come on and do it dude and he said i had a filthy mouth calling him dude.HEWAS MORE OF AN A-- HOLE''''''''''''''''''

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