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Latest Comments for 770-231

2016-06-20 14:41:29
They just called me. I didn\'t recognize the number so I didn\'t pick up.

2016-06-20 22:52:41
I know im being toclingy. But I just wanted to say that I miss u.

2016-06-20 15:03:47
If you have an IPhone you can block the number,, I started doing that to numbers I dont know..

2016-06-20 23:38:57
I have been on the do not call list for years and I receive over 20 calls a week from odd numbers like this one and 800 and 866 numbers. When I went on the DNC list it said I am good for 5 years. It isnt working for me.

2016-06-20 09:06:25
I did this and I got more calls. They sell your number. you are exposing your number by submitting it to them. It is a scare tactic. I cant stop the calls!

2016-06-20 06:49:36
Youre dreaming. The do not call list is just another example of Were the government, and were here to help you. Totally worthless.

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