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Latest Comments for 770-269

January 7 9:40 pm
You have me wondering now! We always got a few but changed to Verizon Wireless with home phone and seems there are more bogus calls now. Have a 2-year contract! Seems this would be grounds to break it.

January 16 10:03 am
Got a call just now. I have Verizon.

January 5 12:16 pm
You do realize that if you are using your phone or tablet that on the keyboard the c is right above the space bar right? All QWERTY keyboards are like that and texting can be dificult if youhave long nails or large thumbs (no offense Jackie).

January 16 2:08 am
Card servies. I pressed 1 to speak to a someone. Questioned why they keep calling and the women hung up on me. It's getting annoying and uses my cell phone minutes if its not the weekend. How do you make this stop?

January 8 1:07 pm
Kept calling, about 8 times in 2 hours and would not leave a message.

January 4 4:46 pm
Can I fix my signal problem?

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