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Latest Comments for 770-457

January 13 7:12 pm
Me too! they call me anywhere from 2-4 times per day. Its getting annoying. I put the supposed number on my blocked call list but its annoying me even more because it isnt stopping this number from calling my mobile phone so I took it off and plan to tell them to STOP calling me. Ive never heard of any legitimate business using a phone number with all zeros. Sounds bogus to me. Im on the do not call list too but it doesnt seem to stop these people...whomever they are.

January 26 7:38 am
Im going crazy as well, I get about 10 calls a day from 000-000-0. I called AT&T and they tell me they cant block it. I stopped answering hoping this would be effective and they will go away. I just want it to stop. If you can find out how to stop..please let me know.

January 22 6:57 pm
They are an annoying texter

January 7 7:51 pm
Calls my cell every day, no answer when I pick up, no messge when I don't. I think it's becasue I've successfully managed to block all other annoying numbers that others have discussed and complaind about through this site. Dopes keep changing the numbers they call with just to be a pain in the @ss. Well, here's another number to block.

January 3 2:55 am
Received a call from this number and have in the past - no one there - creepy!

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