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Latest Comments for 770-615

2016-03-17 00:37:58
Same thing just happened to me.     Thanks

2016-03-17 16:29:11
They are a painting company operating under assumed names (not their real names) they change the name and reopen when they get suspended. Not a good company to work with.

2016-03-17 20:08:15
This number is a scam. This number is *NOT* Chase.

2016-03-17 06:08:23
I also receive calls from this number, they never leave a message and I stopped answering the phone unless I see a caller ID from someone I know. I cant speak regarding the FCC but I can say that I once had a horrible stretch of persistent calls at all hours from prescription drug telemarketers who constantly rotated their apparent caller ID number. I called the FTC, filed a formal complaint, provided them with the last five phone numbers used by the telemarketers and the calls stopped coming after that.

2016-03-17 18:54:35
So, did they ever come to your house?

2016-03-17 13:49:31
Must be a new scam called my cell no message blocked the number.

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