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Latest Comments for 772-429

December 4 1:54 pm
Your last 9 words mean what? Please answer in English.

January 18 5:44 pm
They call, you wait a while, they say good-bye in a sinister way. It is a Compton, CA telemarketer according to Spokeo.

January 3 6:23 am
Does anyone getting these calls have Verizon Wireless? I started getting these calls shortly after I got my phone from Verizon Wireless (I ported my old cell number over) prior to being with Verizon Wireless I wasnt receiving these kinds of calls... coinencidence?

January 19 8:30 pm
I am a Christian and I am offended nice this type of behavior if anyone knows how to stop these calls please do so God has blessed me in many ways but these calls are wrong

January 20 11:04 am
fhishing for credit card number,BEWARE

January 9 9:56 am
"Don't let your debt overwhelm you, do something about it now by replying YES8."

January 27 2:39 pm
a 'claim your gift' spam text.

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