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August 15 1:44 am
Yes, I received a text from a Michael at this number regarding some furniture I had posted on Craigslist. He said he was out of town but would like to purchase the furniture via Paypal and then would have a transport company pick it up. I was suspicious so I googled Paypal Craigslist Scams and similar descriptive posts popped up. Then I typed his phone number on this site and saw the post that flagged his number as a Craigslist Scammer.

August 15 9:22 pm
I got the same note , didnt seem like a scam or anything he came and looked at my car and didnt want it... i think he was just looking for a car or some kind of marketing to buy cars to flip.

August 15 9:20 am
im in vegas too,but not as lucky! i was asleep and i can't go back to sleep and i have to work tonight!

August 15 7:43 pm
ADA = American Diabetes Association  

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