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Latest Comments for 781-231

January 5 6:31 pm
Called at 9:30 on Sunday night after I refused a caller claiming I had a computer problem an hour before! Different number but MN number.

January 1 5:19 pm
Have been on the do not call list for years and still get calls from companies and people selling things every day.

January 13 5:10 am
I was smart..knew it was to good to be true. Offering me a $7k loan and then wouldnt let me see any of the loan documentation and wanted me to go to western union and give them $300, I think not!! Be ware!! Please make sure you ask them for their address and then google it. That is what I did, plus making a few phone calls and found out it was a total scam!!

January 21 11:12 pm
I get 4 or 5 calls from this number 201-210-6114 on my cell phone. I have no debt for a debt collector to be calling me. I've only answered the phone one time since they have been calling and they wanted to know my info. I didn't give them any.  They still keep calling.

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