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June 27 5:54 pm
Scammers trying to sell insurance. Company is named Visionary Insurance Specialists, but they will hangup on you if you ask. But first they will say they represent...A huge long list of insurance companies. Its not unless you persist that they will tell you the real company name. When you call back at this number it is a busy signal.I report them at

June 27 2:52 am
Super AntiSpyware is a legitimate security program. Unless they sent you a fraudulent copy that was masquerading as that program, it didnt give your computer viruses or any of that. But you clearly fell for a scam. They were able to unblock Hotmail access NOT because they work for or are associated with Hotmail, but because they remoted into your computer and changed settings (the looping login problem was stemming from your computer, not Hotmail). People, you REALLY need to do research on who you get involved with online...

June 27 7:52 am
I also am in the UK and received a call on around the 5th december 2014. I answered, nobody there so I called it back and keep calling it back but it is engaged all the time. I am what some call a truther. I have been looking into Sandy hoAX and assumed when I saw the area this number is from that is would be someone making threats to silence me. It seems I am wrong, that is unless you guys are all of the same mind??

June 27 8:40 pm
HSBC is a TERRIBLE Corporation; BRITISH. They were a prime player in the sub-prime mortgage meltdown SCAM. This was as much deliberate and evil as these phone scammers. Good luck catching them. The Justice Department (Feds) recently settled with them over the mortgage SCAM for simply $1.9 million in FINES; a mere fraction of the BILLIONS they STOLE in that scam, and NOBODY even went to prison. This is so-called justice. Meanwhile, millions are homeless, thanks to them.This number is obviously SPOOFED, and is likely tied to just one or two major call centers in INDIA or PAKISTAN that have been FED Americans PERSONAL information including NAMES, ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, SS#s, DOBs and more. Its amazing any of us have ANYTHING left in our bank accounts as these thieves are trying DAILY to steal every last nickel and dime we have.Suspect these calls are related to similar calls/scams from the following numbers:904-280-3051661-748-0240210-526-6628312-614-1419404-610-3761 and, of course, the classicOUT-OF-AREA with no number displayed, similar to the all zeros.And these are just a FEW of the numbers who have called in the last few WEEKS.All of these numbers (and many more) have been running all kinds of SCAMS, including: - Free cruises/vacations (for just a small tax/fee, of course, on your CREDIT CARD) ((PHISHING) - Debt Consolidation (IDENTITY THEFT) - Interest Reduction (CREDIT CARD PHISHING) - Phony Charities - Veterans, Cancer (Breast, Childrens,& others) Animals, Women, Children, etc. (CREDIT CARD PHISHING) - Medic Alert bracelets/Medical Claims (IDENTITY THEFT/ INSURANCE COVERAGE THEFT) - Job Openings (IDENTITY THEFT; info for future scamming) - Home Security Systems (CREDIT CARD PHISHING) - Health Care Policies (PHONY. IDENTITY THEFT and CREDIT CARD PHISHING) - Debt Collection (CREDIT and DEBIT CARD PHISHING) - Fixing your computer/removing a virus (INFORMATION THEFT/IDENTITY THEFT/FINANCIAL THEFT)and Im sure there is MORE.The bottom line is DO NOT ANSWER NUMBERS YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE NOR ENGAGE WITH UNKNOWN or ABUSIVE or THREATENING CALLERS. Let ALL these calls go to answering machine or voicemail, OR, if you are confident they are spam, pick up/hang up to break the call and confuse the robodialers. Purchase or download a CALL BLOCKING system if you can, and BLOCK as many numbers as possible. Do NOT give out your private cell numbers to companies or anyone without a real, valid, important need to know.Most of our spam calls occur on our longtime, published and often given out landline. Our THREE PRIVATE, unpublished cells RARELY get spam *AND* our unpublished business line almost never gets spam. I *REFUSE* to give VERIZON, our landline carrier, a cell number as an alternate in case we cannot reach you on your home phone. I KNOW THEY SELL OUR PHONE NUMBERS and OTHER INFORMATION.Case in point: I had the number/frequency of these calls tamped down to 2-3 weekly; sometimes less than 6 monthly. THEN we went on vacation using CHOICE HOTELS, INC. Had to give our Name, Address and HOME PHONE NUMBER each time we checked in - which was about 10 different times on this trip. BEFORE WE EVEN GOT BACK HOME, the SPAM CALLS had started up again and were soon up to 6 DAILY. I have spent the last FIVE WEEKS doing the hang up method to these calls, and blocking numbers (all of the above) earnestly.Hopes this helps, people. STAY SAFE. The FEWER of us who FALL for these SCAMS, the less they will attempt them.

June 27 10:26 am
Spam credit card telemarketer

June 27 10:18 am
Numerous media messages in a row with woman progressively more undressed as messages come in in rapid succession. Texts read "Hola", "good morning", "is this what you need?", "or this?", "can you do something with this?"

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