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Latest Comments for 802-747

January 8 11:33 am
If you press #999, it will disconnect you and will end the call

January 13 10:41 pm
Message is about a Carribean cruise. Asks age group. Didnt answer. Called back a dozen times. Rings twice, then disconnects, or message says all representatives are busy, then hangs up.

January 7 12:46 am
I have sign up and re-signed up for the nocall thing and I still get tons of calls every single day. It is so aggravating and I dont answer any call that I dont know who it is. I have been getting unrestricted calls for the last few days and I will not answer them either.

January 13 12:24 pm
I got that same messge just now. Slightly different link. Same "winning" code...

January 5 4:20 am
Got some spam looking text from this number. Wanted me to go to and sign up. No way.

January 4 11:54 pm
This number has called my mother's house several times asking to speak to me.  When she told them I live in Japan and asked if they wanted to leave a message, they said no and hung up.

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