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Latest Comments for 803-309

September 21 2:21 am
Caller said it was the IRS filing a lawsuit against me. Told me to call 2062012282 immediately. Duhh.

September 21 12:05 am spam message

September 21 8:16 am
It can also be an email... I set up our email to fwd certain messages to our phones(as it was a time sensitive subject) and now after weeks later, have spent at least an hour trying to figure out what this number is about. I tested it just now, and an email from myself shows up exactly this way. So those of you that are wondering about your kids, keep this in mind.

September 21 5:28 am
This idiot really thinks he is intimidating. Im sorry but it is going to take more than you calling raising your voice at me for me to cave in. If you think simply because I am at work I wont yell back at you you are sadly mistaken and if you think that I will cower down because you ask for my supervisor you are wrong again!! You can call all you want. If you cant provide me with the simple information I ask for such as the name and location of the debt holder you gets nothing from me but an attitude! I will ruin your day!!!

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