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January 11 9:33 am
I just got a delivery from Lowes and this was a follow up survey on the delivery. Call came up (800) Service. I didnt answer the first time they called.

January 11 7:19 am
I was in the middle of something when the phone rang. I saw the number was from out of state and let it go to voice mail. When I went back a short time later I saw they had called again back to back. No message left so I goggled the number and found info here. Glad I didnt answer it.So while we all have our own way of dealing with this, here is my way of dealing with robo calls:I make a new contact in my contact list, you can call it anything you like, ROBO, or on my case I call them TELE*PEST. Each time I get another unwanted call I add the number to my contact list under TELE*PEST, once it is full of numbers I change the name to TELE*PEST*FULL and make another contact named TELE*PEST. Now when I make the new contact I select a special ring tone for them and then I adjust the volume to mute just for them on the ring tone setting, this way while I cant seem to stop them from calling I can avoid ever hearing the call. In my case my phone will store 12 numbers for each contact, and I must have over 50 TELE*PEST*FULL contacts so they seem to have an endless list of numbers to call from, but I have an endless ability to miss more of their calls. After the first time they call and fail to leave a message I simply add them into my TELE*PEST list and am no longer disturbed by them. Simple but yet effective.

January 11 4:12 am
Watch out for this SCAM company CPS Card Processing Services 1-877-714-9640 They are not a legit company. I did my research only after I got scammed by them and now Im out hundreds of dollars. Just hang up on them if you know whats good for you.

January 11 11:18 pm
The persons at this number don't learn, I notified the BBB and they made contact the persons that hold the account and they told them to STOP all communications with me. I still get calls for the promotions I never signed up for.

January 11 9:51 pm
Wanting to sell me a warranty

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