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Latest Comments for 804-272

July 19 5:25 am
I just received a Skype call from this number and wasnt going to answer it until I heard the voice on the answering machine. It was someone I know calling from overseas.

July 19 4:00 pm
Today is the first time they ever called and of course I didnt answer. I dont answer strange numbers I dont know. Now Im upset reading about what these sick people do. Why is it that scams like this are allowed to continue for so long? I have health problems, I dont need this sh#% on top. We dont pay our phone bills to be harassed.

July 19 9:57 pm
I also got a called from these people.... it really was a mysterious call...

July 19 12:42 pm
The call and act like they're from some super secret company or secret federal agency.  Asking over and over if I'm [some name I can't quite hear/understand].  When I ask them who they are and what they want they get irritated and ask again for that name.  One time I must have gotten a newbie, she gave me her first and last name!  Unfortunately I didn't really take note of it.  She got a little flustered, said her computer went down and hung up.  Don't know what they want, never got that far.

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