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Latest Comments for 805-423

September 21 3:32 pm
I got phone call from this number today. I was asleep, so i didnt answer.Im from czech and been plaing with green card registration last week

September 21 6:28 am
this number 1 888 888 8 called me at 2:49 in the morning, no on was there. called back says its a non-working #. I just blocked it on my phone but what the @#$%^

September 21 1:22 am
I have received a call from this number twice. Sounded like the guy was from India. .. and was wanting to help mefix my computer because it was unprotected and had viruses.. this last time he asked if i was by my computer and I said no and he wanted to know when I was going to be so he could help me fix it. I told him I wasnt sure he was annoyingly persistent so I told him one tomorrow. .. he wanted me to make sure I answered my phone lol. . He didnt call back. . But sounded fishy to me! Dont trust them

September 21 5:54 am
This is a horrible spamming company that will never stop calling you.

September 21 5:35 pm
Same call with accent saying arrest warrant being downloaded and served now due to non payment of IRS tax discrepancy of $1970.00 if not paid, in court will have to pay $130,000.00 plus attorney fee. I called my accounting and confirmed it is a scam.

September 21 8:22 pm
Promising your a FREE GRANT - but you have to pay money up front  to receive it.  WHICH IS ILLEGAL.

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