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October 15 4:49 pm
My wife received a text alert from them saying that there was a $112 charge to a book store. I checked my account online and there was no record of the charge. Immediately I was suspicious and went into my local branch. The manager searched my account and found no charge and no fraud alerts. She searched their company registry for the number and told me that it was a SCAM and that they were fishing for information. The good thing is that my chase account is 100% guaranteed to cover any fraudulent charges. It is possible that I could be wrong and something might show up later, but for now it looks like an attempted rip-off. Sad that our world is full of scumbags who cant make an honest living and have to try to steal from hard working people. Hopefully we will eventually be able to find all of these criminals and stop them from making our lives more difficult. I agree with some of the posts that I saw which question why people would go to a complaint website to say something in defense of someone else (unless they are the people who are trying to rip us off).

October 15 10:30 pm
There was a time that someone called and said theyre working with Medicare. Asked for my mums Medicare number because theyre going to ship some supplies for the diabetic. We didnt get any, actually and my mum was already charged with $200. Try visiting because the last week, I got a call from Medicare. I already sent the info over to phonetots website and Im waiting for them to email me.We should try stopping those kind of people who steal from us.

October 15 3:32 pm
Whew! We have this same issue, and we are in Ottawa Ontario, and YES. We use Webex for conference calls. But we have to login to it, and its my phone at reception where the messages are being left. Does that make a difference?

October 15 1:53 pm
I saw this as Name Unavailable. Refused to answer it.When will these calls cease?

October 15 12:01 pm
Don't need in my life!!!!!!!

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