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Latest Comments for 805-892

June 27 8:11 pm
I recived a call from this # today.To make the story short, I asked the guy his name & whom he is representing. He said oh my god! Start laughing & hung up on me. I hope to never ever recive a call from them again.

June 27 4:51 pm
Not a scam at all. they are a very good company. they offer processing services as the name implies and are an ISO for Chase and Elavon. i currently signed with them and the service was impecable.

June 27 10:11 pm
Probably not. Just got a new G4 and there blocking feature doesnt work. They say not them. My response is bs and told them so.

June 27 7:32 pm
I don't need a new security system

June 27 2:48 pm
Couldn't understand a word.Why on earth would a company hire people that can't speak english well enough to be understood to sell their product is beyond me. I kept asking her to repeat it over and over, trying to figure it out. Some kind of cream, or something..That do not call list is pretty worthless, it seems.

June 27 12:21 pm
All I heard when I answered was, "Press 6 to be removed"; so I did. lol.

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