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Latest Comments for 806-294

2016-03-17 16:47:22
I don\'t know who it is or why they\'re calling, but they call me every day at least twice.

2016-03-17 12:37:18
Your phone company, at least my land line provider, will install a tracker/tracer on your phone if you request it. You activate it by entering a code and the phone company will capture the data for that particular phone number. They will provide the tracked information to your local police. Ask your phone supplier about nuisance/obscene calls. I have CenturyTel phone service, but I think its required of all phone service providers by the PUCO.

2016-03-17 05:10:01
I could not help but laugh as I read the different posts. Yes, I communicated with the same guy, but he has not hit me up with the money part yet. lol. A few weeks ago, some guy named James Brown stated texting me. I found out that his whole story was a scam. I figure this guy is part of that scam also. He did say that he is on a 30 day vacation. He said that today (Aug. 7, 2012) is his birthday. He is knowledgable about the Bible because we did discuss some Bible information. He does have a very sexy voice. He did say that he i going to medical school. I am going to play along with the game for a little bit to see how far he goes. LOL. He communicated with me through Black Planet. His account is closed.

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