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Latest Comments for 806-626

June 20 10:02 pm
Ya i just got this call and im with AT&T... It is an Indian person that keeps saying hello. then he hangs up. One other thing that happens is they call...and waits...and waits...then says goodbye in some kind of recording. :/

June 20 11:03 pm
If you would of paid your bills on time and not scamed the ppl that gave you money these ppl wouldnt be calling you

June 20 5:26 am
I was stupid enough to listed to CPS Card Processing Services and signed with them only to get scammed real hard. 1-877-714-9640 DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL

June 20 12:44 pm
Got this call. Left a message just saying 'hello' and then hung up. Sounded like a guy. Looked up the number and got google results as it was "Daniel" from a Mustang car forum????

June 20 12:14 pm
constantly calling several times a day

June 20 1:11 pm
We continue to receive automated phones calls from Account Services or Card Holder Services. The message says this will be the last, but NO they keep calling.

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