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Latest Comments for 806-662

2016-06-20 18:41:31
Just got the same call from Sonja, I must pay her up front 299.00 and her company would sell my RV.  She has three interested buyers within one hours drive and they have been pre-approved for a loan. The deal can be made on a weekend.  I told her I would pay once my RV was sold and she said her business did not work that way. I asked for her website and sure enough found this 5 mintues later. Thank you people. Never did call her back.

2016-06-20 13:18:55
harassing me; keeps on calking me multiple times in a day/night.

2016-06-20 22:02:28
Phone can no longer take your calls

2016-06-20 08:10:04
Same thing has happened to me. I had a 4000 dollar bill paid down to 1000 dollars and then they slapped 1000 dollars of finance charges on to the balance. That was it, I said hell with them, Im not paying any more of this bill.

2016-06-20 14:05:31
I got a call from this number saying they are the IRS and looking for information about the business owner, Press one if this is a business. Pushed 1, then told me to state my first name after the beep, then was disconnected.

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