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Latest Comments for 806-832

February 16 1:12 pm
760 is a California landline area code.

February 16 5:17 pm
Well, Even I can tell that youre just another shill for the scam. Too bad for you that this number is now toast! Good job!

February 16 8:07 am
I agree with the Gran on the gos post. At 8pm Im spending time with my family. I, out of that normal curiosity, called them back, got a cheesy, (yes, Im from Wisconsin), muzak music and someone finally came on the line and greeted me as Penn whatever...I asked her to repeat it and she did..I asked what the call was regarding, she said we handle personal business matters, please hold one moment Maam, sounded like she put me on hold when indeed she ended the call...I was a little irritated. I called back to ask them to take my name off your list (which is ALL you have to say, and by law they HAVE to), but no one would pick up...the call just dropped so I can only assume they have caller ID. Ill get em. When an unwanted caller calls you for soliciting of any sort just do as I mentioned above and also get your numbers on the do-not-call really does help..Happy New Year Everyone!

February 16 11:42 am
If this company calls, file a complaint at the Also, you can call or file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission if you have registered with the do not call list. The MN Attorney Generals Office has more information.

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