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October 15 8:52 pm
Thats what my Boss said to me to warn me and so I am very paranoid about those calls.

October 15 12:57 am
Thank you for posting how easy it is to block unwanted callers! You are very nice!

October 15 12:14 pm
Received a call from a 704-251-7637 only one ring and it hangs up. Me thinking maybe something happened to the connection on my phone plus I was waiting for a reply back from I called back...ran me through an automated system told me I won blah blah blah...quickly someone who sounds like from India picked up and told me I have won $100 rebate card for Walmart/target/best buy, $2,000 savings coupon for local retailer/restaurants, and a $25 dining certificate. Me thinking wow too good to be true...whats the gimmick? So goes and tells me but their will be a small fee to ship it out of $2.95.she probably sense I was going to hang up. She tried to convince me to check out their website or company.I was not able to pull any thing up by the company name Iprox premium company- website discount kepted on saying what ever you do dont hang up..she said that 3x.from there it was a wrap...hung her all the reviews online and they went through what I went through. So be aware, you could be a possible victim and you might not even know it!

October 15 3:46 pm
That is all true Caine but what the scammers usuallly do is just get the software to spoof any number they want! They can generate any name and number they like to show on your Caller ID. It is time for the FCC, FTC, and the DoJ to work together and put some real security on the Caller ID technology to lock out all these scammers and theives. I do not expect any of our phone companies to do this as they simply dont care. What a shame that they broke up AT&T and all the Big Bells. It may have been a monopoly, but we did have phone security!

October 15 5:15 am
Got called at 10 pm. Woke me up!! I was livid.

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