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Latest Comments for 808-259

January 24 4:16 am
If your in school, for the sake of your future, pay more attention and learn how to speak

January 23 7:25 pm
They don't answer, just hang up. Then about 5 min. later another 800 or 816 or 866 number calls. Repeatedly this keeps going on and on when either 8** numbers call, others follow after it. It's very annoying and I get this every day. Suck's when your trying to take care of kids and work but you have to stop what your doing and answer your phone thinking its your work calling you.

January 14 8:47 pm
Got Same call at work and cell. Tell a manager to tell them not to call your work or they will press legal harrasment against them. Nobody even bill collectors are allowed to call you at work. if you look up # it is a house # under 10 different people. and ICS is out of Canada! My lawyer said ignore it and they will go away to not answer to any numbers you do not know it can go to voicemail.

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