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January 6 8:05 am
hi! me 2 experienced receiving calls from 2 different number but same area code...i think its 2 differ person...i really wonder hu is it... when i call 8 back its unattended already...can anybody explain dis...?

January 20 12:53 am
I have been on ALL the DONOTCALL lists for several years and every year I put myself on it. I still get calls from stupid numbers like this and more. I have even reported a few of them. The lists dont always work, but they do cut down on the amount of calls. I add the numbers to my spam folder on my phone.

January 1 5:12 pm
That is exactly what I started doing. Believe me the calls will stop!

January 16 12:35 am
Same msg as the others, best buy $1000 card for a contest I never entered. Total scam

January 12 10:24 am
After looking at their address, I asked for some documentation/verification given that the address was for Banner Bank.  Brian Davis (if that is his real name) specifically told me that he is a manager of a department within Banner Bank.  I replied that it shouldn't be difficult then for the organization to provide documentation of the terms of the loan.  Brian told me I was rude and he couldn't work with me.  Oh, the irony of that statement!  Given this scenario I can continue to be rude for all eternity!

January 21 4:13 am
there is a message from this number516 225 5420 it say  hi saw you this week looking good lol. u can see my new pics in my profile canuck89 at maybe we can meet up

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