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January 2 5:32 am
i was applying for a loan on line never have had by the way so i got got. I recived a call from a mr sean cooper A-1 advance loans. Kind as could be and asking what was the loan for beacouse i was approved for 8000. Told him it was for my son he was in need for a new heart and i needed to pay half in order to get 1 for him. He said he felt sorry i was goin thru this and that he would do everything he could for my family. My wife and i were so desprate our child is diying. I never expected this all i had was 800 to my name its was for my sons heart . He said if i could prove i could pay i said yes i make 8000 a month but bills and my other 3 boys need from my check. He said 381.46 all he needs for proof i send it. He says call me in 30 min. and your money will be in your account i callwd says theres a federal hold i asked why he says tax reasons need 500 mr michael thats all i need ur son will be ok we send it. Tells us federal building is closed till tomorrow i panic my wife crys and he promises at 6 am the founds would be in money never came beacouse of thease thease idk even what to call them my son eloy died at 10 am and its all my fault. So please everyone even tho ur in a mess slow down pay attention and sont let something like this happen to you. May the good Lord above forgive u cooper cuz i cant and if u have kids and wife they be blessed i hope u never have to bury one of yours.plz pay attention there even claiming to be FBI agents even give u a badge # tk11398 IRS workers and credit collection agencies.

January 7 6:17 pm
I have been receiving calls from this number 000-000-0.not a valid number.

January 1 1:25 pm
They ought to have to pay for r minutes

January 27 10:58 am
dont call me ugly dummy ivan

January 27 10:33 am
This is spam and they are texting that you could beta text an iphone 5 if you enter a code. Spam.

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